Boom Beach – Frontlines
Flamethrower Guide

The Boom Beach: Frontlines Flamethrower page contains stats, upgrade
requirements, and unlock requirements for this type of boom weapon. Drag the
slider to increase or decrease your Flamethrower’s stats and see how they can help
you fight the enemies. The Flamethrower is an extremely rare quality that can be
drawn from level three. There are also some things you should keep in mind before
selecting a Flamethrower. Read on to learn more!

Sniper Tower

The Sniper Tower is a base structure in the game of Battle Royale that can be found
in the Boom Beach area of the map. At level 21, it has a hexagonal shape, with
various protrusions around its perimeter. It has orange armor on its base and a
barrel for a sniper rifle with laser sighting. The base’s antennae are also moved to
the other side. At level 23, the searchlight becomes box-shaped, and the base is
made of wooden boards. The Sniper Tower’s top and side panels are made entirely
of stone.
The Sniper Tower is an effective defensive unit for your base. It can keep HeavyZookas from attacking you and can even kill them once they walk past. It is an
elevated wooden lattice structure, with a wooden ladder attached. It has nails
around its perimeter, and the player gains sandbags and wooden fortification at
level three. While it is not as effective as a Sniper Tower, it can still be effective
when combined with other troops.

Shock Launcher

A Shock Launcher is one of the best ways to neutralize a flamethrower or rocket
launcher. It can be used to stop Warriors and also slow down approaching Troops.
Shock Launchers can also be used to disarm enemy cannons, archer bases, and
sniper towers. The following is a list of upgrade items for a Shock Launcher.
Depending on the level of your Headquarters, you can purchase 1 to two Shock
Launchers. You can upgrade each one to increase the damage power, stock of
health, and appearance. You can also upgrade the Boom Launcher to make it more
powerful. Here are a few useful upgrades for this weapon:
A Shock Launcher is an excellent option for a flamethrower, and it works well with
most other weapons. The Shock Launcher also carries a high damage output, so it
can easily take down an enemy base. Having several of these weapons is also
important because they can cause massive damage to your base. If you can build
enough of them, you can even build a base on your own and start using them to
destroy enemy bases.

Machine Gun

When you’re building defensive buildings, the best choice for your team is a Machine
Gun. This defensive building is found on the fourth level of Headquarters. Its high
rate of fire and medium range are both useful in defending yourself from attacking
units, though its low damage means it’s not the most effective weapon for taking out
entire squads of enemies. The Machine Gun works best against Warrior, Rifleman,
and Zooka, but is useless against other units due to its low damage power.
Having an advantage in Boom Beach’s battle mode is vital for your survival.
Assuming you have a strong team, the best way to protect your base is with an
attack from the front. As the defending force, you will have to defend your base from
the advancing enemy and their fearless warriors. Luckily, you’ll also have a powerful
Machine Gun to help you in this fight.


Aside from the zooka, the Flamethrower is arguably the most deadly weapon in the
game against light infantry. Its continuous damage leaves a short damage over time
effect and is very short-ranged. It’s best to place it near places where enemies will
tackle you so it will wear them down before they can move onto the next area. Aside
from the flamethrower, there are also other deadly units such as mines and the
zooka which can be used to kill infantry.
The Flamethrower’s base color changes from gray to blue-grey and its base expands
to encircle the bottom of the body. Its barrel also has an orange pilot light. The body
is made of stone and gains a red hatch when it reaches level two. The weapon can
be upgraded by using its three additional fuel tanks. It also gets more armor on its
barrel. During its level-up process, the Flamethrower also gains a barrel, an extra
fuel tank, and a more cylindrical base.