Boom Beach Tank Guide – 5 Tips For
Getting the Most Out of Your Boom
Beach Tank

The Tank is the fifth available troop in Boom Beach. Its heavy gun and thick armor
can cause a lot of damage to your enemies, but it will take extra Energy to land. This
troop should be used with caution, though. Cannons and Sniper Towers can be
deadly if they can land near your Tank. It’s best to deploy a group of Tanks to
increase its strength. Also, make sure to avoid Cannons and Sniper Towers, as they
will shoot your Tank.


The Scorcher is an incredibly powerful tank that attracts the fire of enemy tanks and
sets everything on fire. Because it can take a beating, it requires support and skill to
use. Unlike other tanks, it moves quickly and can easily outpace enemy forces.
Whether you’re playing Solo or with a squad, you’ll have plenty of fun with the
Scorcher! Below are some tips to get the best out of this powerful tank!
The Scorcher is an enormous armored unit that has a very short range, but can
damage a lot of buildings. Although it costs energy to deploy, its extra burning
damage can damage several buildings at a time. While it is a powerful unit, it does
require an HQ level of 18 or higher. The Scorcher is a powerful new addition to Boom
Beach. This update also adds female villagers, new island wildlife, and power base

Critter Cannon

The Critter Cannon is a special type of Tank, and is useful against other tanks with
low range. It can disrupt enemy towers and destroy them while still allowing the
normal Tank to kill them. When used properly, it can distract the enemy and allow
the normal Tank to take out the building without too much trouble. While it can be a
powerful asset on its own, it’s better used with other tanks, especially those that
have high damage output.
The strategy behind Critter Cannon on Boom Beach Tank is to use your HQ as a base
and take out the enemy base. You can do this by deploying a Heavy-Zooka troop
composition. You should use your Flares to guide your troops to the HQ, and your
Heavy troop to protect your Zookas. However, if you’re planning on defending your
base, you should focus on destroying the enemy HQ.

Critter Launcher

The Critter Launcher is an upgrade for the Boom Beach tank. This unit fires a salvo
of Critters into enemy buildings. They have a large random radius and can be
upgraded with Proto Tokens that you gain during events. It costs 12 Gunboat Energy
to deploy. It looks like a tank with the barrel replaced with a chute and hazard tape
at the end. It’s a good option for attacking enemy buildings and delaying their
A Tank in Boom Beach also has a Shock Launcher, which is the fifth defensive
building. It can be placed on the 17th level of the HQ. It fires shock bombs which
temporarily put out enemy troops. Its range of fire is the largest and can damage a
group of enemy troops. It’s best against Tanks, Grenadiers, and Zooka, but is less
effective against other types of units.

Rain Maker

The Rain Maker is an all-round assault tank that fires salvos of shells at enemy
buildings, causing shrapnel to scatter and deal damage. These shells can also set off
boom mines and shock mines, further advancing the battle. It can be upgraded using
Proto Tokens earned during events. It costs 6 Gunboat Energy to deploy and is
similar to a tank except for its golden mortar-like barrel.
Prototroops were added to the game in the March 2020 Update. These new units
were standardized to fit the Proto Token upgrade system. Rainmakers shoot shells
that are comparable to Mortars, and are an excellent choice for players that have
limited space and want to be a threat to their enemies. Although they are limited in
their range, they can be extremely deadly and help you win more battles. A
Rainmaker can be upgraded by upgrading the Proto Token in its base.

Landing Craft

A Boom Beach Tank Landing Craft is a military vehicle that can be launched from a
boat and is used to transport tanks to the beachhead. These vehicles are often
referred to as LCTs, which stands for Landing Craft Mechanized. The LCT was larger
than the Marks V and VI and could carry up to nine Sherman tanks. During World
War II, the US Marine Corps and the British Royal Navy all utilized these vehicles.
The Landing Craft is blue with blue sides. It has a ramp, a cabin, and a flag on its
side. There is also a hatch and a light on top of the Landing Craft. The hatch is tall
and long, and side pipes are attached to the sides. As the tank levels up, the damage
output increases as well. When the tank is fully stocked, it will be able to take down
multiple troops.


The Rifleman is an infantry unit that can deal moderate damage and absorb
moderate damage. They can be effective in large groups but can be damaged easily
by Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns. They are best used in tandem with a Heavy
troop as a Meat Shield. These troops take up 1 space on a landing craft. They are
good against snipers and Boom Cannons, but their damage output is moderate.
While the Rifleman is average all-round, its power lies in its numbers. A group of
Riflemen can swarm almost everything, including buildings. They are surprisingly
effective in destroying enemy structures, though their training time is painful. They
are also weak against AOE defenses and Mines, and are therefore less effective
against these units. However, if you want to capture resources, a Rifleman makes a
great tank.