Boom Beach Tricks and Strategies

There are many strategies and tricks for Boom Beach, and the most important one is
to upgrade your Radar. In addition, you can upgrade your troops by upgrading them,
but you should also upgrade your base’s resources, such as wood and ore. This way,
you’ll have more resources to bring home. Here are the three best tips to improve
your game:

Gameplay in Boom Beach

In the online strategy game Boom Beach, players are tasked with constructing a
base on an island, upgrading buildings, and reinforcing their defenses, while
avoiding enemy attacks. The developers behind the hit Clash of Clans game created
the game in an effort to create an experience that combines the elements of topdown multiplayer and casual simulation. There are many different aspects of the
game, including powerful visual effects, optimized graphics, and realistic audio


Diamonds are the game’s in-game currency. However, they don’t regenerate. The
low amount of Diamonds in this game is a deliberate design to force you to spend
them immediately. If you spend 7 Diamonds to build a building in a matter of
seconds, then you’re better off starting a new one and waiting for it to finish.
However, if you’re short on Diamonds, try spending 1-2 and starting something else.


If you are having trouble getting enough wood, there is a Boom beach trick you
should know about. The more sawmills you have, the more free wood they produce.
The more sawmills you have, the faster you can collect wood and upgrade them. It is
possible to obtain unlimited amounts of lumber, so it’s important to know how to get
them. Here’s how:

Rocket Laundrer

This trick will help you gain more resources in the Boom Beach game. You will need
rockets for every attacking and defensive building in the game. The key is to have at
least one rocket per building and you will not be able to damage more than one
building in one attack. This trick is provided by Touch Tap Play, a guide provider in
the Boom Beach game. Here is how it works:

Joining a Task Force

If you want to learn how to join a Task Force to perform the Boom Beach trick, you
need to know about how task forces work. To perform this trick, you need to have a
level 6 Headquarters. Task Forces consist of members that gather Intel and can
conduct Operations in Blackguard Mainland. These operations require a high amount
of Intel to succeed. This trick requires a high level of Intel and can be extremely
lucrative, but only if you know how to use it.

Upgrades to headquarters

One of the best military structures in the game is the Boom Beach headquarters. By
upgrading it, you will unlock new combat units and larger infrastructures.
Additionally, you will improve the strength of the barracks. With a powerful Boom
Beach headquarters, you can avoid enemy destruction and increase your hit points.
Continue reading to learn more about how to upgrade the headquarters at Boom
Beach. Here are some of the best upgrades available for this building type.

Gold storage

One Boom beach trick for gold storage is to build a huge, high-level HQ near your
boat. This way, you can defend your HQ from enemy attacks, and your HQ can be
upgraded for unlimited Gold storage. If you destroy your HQ, you can steal all of its
resources, but keep in mind that it receives damage every time your base building is
destroyed. There is another Boom beach trick for gold storage – certain characters
can own a special HQ in the game’s world. Despite its higher health, this is not a
cheat, but just a useful tip to get you more gold.