Company of Heroes – Units, Tech
Trees, Campaign Map, and
Detachment System

The Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video game series developed by Relic
Entertainment. This game is set during World War II. The series is aimed at
newcomers and veterans alike, but players of all levels can enjoy its unique
gameplay. There are several ways to build and customize units. This article will
discuss the Units, Tech trees, and Campaign map. It will also discuss the
Detachment system. You may be interested in reading more about this game series
before you play it.


The visuals in Company of Heroes are arguably the best in the genre, and their
combination of ragdoll animations and personnel mines make for a compelling
gaming experience. Despite its release in 2006, Company of Heroes has held up
well, and it is still one of the best games in its genre. Here’s a closer look at some of
the game’s most compelling features. First, there’s the fact that every unit has an
individual personality, so personal attachments are important in this game.

Tech trees

If you are new to the Company Of Heroes series, you may be wondering how tech
trees work in the game. These are the buildings and skills that you can unlock and
use to create your ultimate military force. If you don’t know how to use them, keep
reading to learn more about tech trees in the game. This strategy game has been
adapted from the real World. Players will have access to all of the latest technology
from the World War II era and will be able to use it to create a superior military force.
You can build tech trees for each unit type in the game. In the campaign mode, your
units will be organized into companies. Each company has a commander. Each
company has its own tech tree and can field different troops and use special
abilities. These detachments can also be attached to a company to empower the
company with more troops. The medic detachment, for example, can summon a
truck to heal nearby troops.

Campaign map

The Company of Heroes campaign map is where players can command forces in
direct combat missions. Players can also marshal the war effort as a whole. The
dynamic map changes the way that missions are completed. You will be given
different perks based on what you do. For instance, there is a medic detachment
that fields a medic truck. These detachments can heal soldiers in the field. This will
allow you to make a stronger company and defend important locations.
The campaign map in the game is one of the biggest changes that is being made to
the game. The maps are large and often require strategic thinking. The dynamic
campaign map will let players command the war effort and apply broader strategies.
In this video, Mission Designer David Milne explains how the campaign missions
work and how they will challenge players. The dynamic campaign map is expected
to be available in Company of Heroes 3.

Detachment system

One of the major changes to Company of Heroes 3 is its detachment system. In
previous versions of the game, detachments gave companies extra abilities or could
act independently of the company’s larger units. Now, detachments are permanent
embeds, and players can’t control them. In Company of Heroes 3 though,
detachments still have some functions, such as buffing nearby troops.
There are many different types of detachments that companies can requisition in
the game. Each one will have different abilities and will enhance a company’s
capabilities. Some detachments can remove mines or heal other units. Others are
equipped with special skills that empower a company by providing more troops. One
example is the medic detachment, which can field a truck that passively heals

New factions

Company of Heroes 3 will feature four factions, each with their own special abilities
and units. These factions will be available in the game when it launches in
November. The game will also feature more factions in the future. There will likely be
more after it hits store shelves. Here are a few new ones you should look out for.
Read on to learn more! Also, keep an eye out for some of the most exciting new
features in the game.
British Forces: The British Forces are one of the classics in the Company of Heroes
series, and they are the easiest factions to engage with out of the box. The new
iteration of British forces is younger and more mobile than in past games, giving
veterans a fresh perspective. German Wehrmacht: The German army is a tough and
resilient faction that requires upgrading buildings to make them more powerful. The
new factions will challenge veteran players with their unique strengths and

Online multiplayer

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic
Entertainment and published by THQ. The game was released on June 25, 2013, in
North America and Europe. It introduces a new faction, the USSR’s Red Army.
Players will be guided through the different stages of the game’s Eastern Front
campaign. This game offers new features, including environmental effects, “True
Sight” and “ColdTech” systems.
You can also play Company of Heroes online with your friends, so you don’t have to
worry about being rejected if you’re not an Android or iPhone user. As of right now,
the game supports both iOS and Android devices. However, it’s important to note
that it’s not officially supported by these platforms. If you’re trying to play the game
on an Android device, you must first download and install the company of heroes
app from Google Play or the App Store.