My Story – Mansion Makeover
Boosters, Diamonds, Yarn Balls, And

My Story – Mansion Makeover is a single-player adventure game, where you take the
role of a young woman who has just moved into her aunt’s old mansion. In order to
bring the mansion back to its former glory, you will need to perform cleaning tasks.
Boosters, Diamonds, Yarn balls, and Levels are also available. We’ll discuss them in
this article.


In My Story – Mansion Makeover, there are several ways to obtain extra boosts,
including using the Fortune Wheel. While the Fortune Wheel is an excellent way to
earn free boosts, it isn’t always easy to find them. Fortunately, there are several
methods to get extra boosts, including using the in-game events. Here are some of
them. They’re useful for players of all levels, and can help you complete each level
faster and with more diamonds!
Boosters are blocks that can be used to gain power-ups. When you combine five
same-colored blocks, you can make a drill. A drill clears a row or column of blocks. A
bomb, on the other hand, cleans a 3×3 tile area in one tap. A swirl clears all blocks of
a specific color. It also works well with blocks of various sizes.


You’ve probably heard that you can get unlimited Diamonds in My Story Mansion
Makeover by inviting friends via Facebook. While this is certainly true, it’s important
to know the best way to earn these precious gems without spending real money. The
first step is to gather enough of them to finish a level. Then, you can use them to
buy interior items, boosts, and some game objects. You can also opt to use a free
shopping mod to solve this problem. This will change the way the game works and
make the process much easier.
You can also try out free cheats for My Story – Mansion Makeover to get unlimited
diamonds. However, these methods are not foolproof. You need to verify your
account before you can use the cheats. To do so, you can download the game for
free and complete a survey. Once you have done this, you can begin to use the
cheats for My Story – Mansion Makeover and make the most of your money!

Yarn balls

Despite the name, My Story – Mansion Makeover is not just any ordinary puzzle
game. It promises to make all your dreams come true. With its relaxing
environment, you’ll find yourself glued to your screen for hours, creating a world
where you and your friends can live your dream lives. Yarn balls are an important
element in this game, as they help you collect items and make your house look


In My Story – Mansion Makeover, you are a young woman who has decided to live in
her aunt’s mansion. After finding it in a sorry state, you will have to make it look like
it belongs to a new owner. You will have to decorate and organize the house, meet
the city’s residents, and more. In addition, the storyline touches on the lives of new
heroes, such as a fluffy kitten.
The basic strategy in My Story – Mansion Makeover is to match as many identical
blocks as possible, while working your way up the board. This will help you make
more matches and improve your chance of forming random clusters of Boosters.
However, working from the bottom is sometimes difficult, because special elements
will sometimes block the lower part of the board. Thankfully, this strategy will help
you advance quickly and earn you plenty of diamonds.


While playing My Story – Mansion Makeover, you will need to think on your feet and
strategize matches to finish a level. In this game, you can also expect randomness,
so you’ll have to play with a bit of patience and strategic thinking. The good news is
that the levels aren’t timed, but don’t forget about randomness either. Often, your
initial tile loudout will differ from the first time you play, so make sure to keep this in
mind before you start playing.
Randomness during My Story – Mansion Makeover is inevitable, but it is an enjoyable
experience. The graphics and gameplay are outstanding, and the game is sure to
appeal to fans of interior decorating and puzzle games. However, one major
drawback is the lack of social interaction with other players. In addition to this, you
will have to work with neighbors and aspiring businesspeople to earn the resources
necessary to renovate their mansion. Randomness during My Story – Mansion
Makeover will also restrict downloading via third party software.