My Story – Mansion Makeover – How
to Unlock New Levels

If you’re a puzzle game and interior decorating fan, then My Story – Mansion
Makeover is for you. This game is extremely entertaining with stellar graphics. You
can also upgrade your mansion and make it even more beautiful! Here are some
ways to unlock new levels in this game. Listed below are some helpful hints:


Among the new features of My Story – Mansion Makeover are its mini-games. Players
can choose a booster spot or power-up position to restore certain sections of the
mansion. In addition, players can tap on certain blocks in order to remove them.
These mini-games will help players achieve their goals in fewer moves. You can also
collect stars in the game to earn bonuses and items.
In My Story ‘Mansion Makeover’, players have to decorate and renovate their
mansion. To play this game, you must clear your mind. Each mini-game involves
decorating and renovating the mansion. The graphics of the game are realistic,
focusing on the design and layout of each villa. In addition, background music makes
the player feel immersed in the game.

Collecting Boosters

In My Story – Mansion Makeover, you can collect boosters to speed up your progress
through each level. These boosts will help you unlock more renovations in the game,
as well as speed up the story. You can collect boosters by buying them in the Shop.
The game also allows you to use your credit card to purchase boosters and gems,
though you can also use real money if you prefer.
While Diamond collection is necessary for unlocking new levels, you can try
completing puzzles on your own. It’s best to use Boosters only as a last resort. This
game can be very frustrating at times, so you should try to solve each puzzle by
yourself before paying for extra moves. The game requires you to be very strategic
in order to advance. However, you should never rush into paying for extra moves.

Solving matching puzzles

In My Story – Mansion Makeover, solving matching puzzles is essential to reach the
goal in the shortest time possible. However, some of the new levels can be a bit
challenging. In addition to being difficult, some new puzzles will require you to think
strategically in order to complete them. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips for
solving the matching puzzles in My Story – Mansion Makeover.
First of all, you have to clean the mansion and replace old furniture with new ones.
Once the rooms are clean, you can start renovating and adding new furniture and
accessories. While restoring the mansion, you’ll also need to fix broken and
damaged windows and replace the covers on the furniture. You can find many
interesting dialogues within the game. You can also try the different rooms to make
them look better.

Upgrading the mansion

Upgrading the Mansion is an important long-term goal in Grand Mafia. During the
Upgraded Event, players are rewarded for achieving the maximum level of their
mansion. Upgrading the mansion has specific requirements that must be met. For
example, upgrading the resource facilities will increase the capacity of the facility.
Getting a new construction slot will also help you upgrade the mansion more quickly.
Upgrading the mansion is not required for every level, but it does increase the
attacking troops’ attack power. Upgrading the mansion will also improve the wall and
other buildings within the mansion. However, upgrading the mansion is not
recommended unless you enjoy playing for points. There are other better ways to
achieve the same goal. Here are some tips.