ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live is a multiplayer artillery strategy video game developed and
published by kChamp Games. The game is the successor to two previous flash
games in the ShellShock Live series, which were released in 2010 and 2012. In the
first game, players can build and upgrade shells. In the second game, players can
take on the role of a tank or an artillery unit, laying siege to a city or destroying
enemy ships.

Game modes

There are a number of game modes in ShellShock Live. Depending on your
preferences, you can play as an ally or opponent. You can choose to fight AI
opponents or other human players, choose to use weapons, or set your own game
mode. For example, you can play in FFA mode, or play as a team. In each of these
modes, you can choose which tanks to fight and which weapons to use.
Another mode is the League. In this mode, you’ll team up with other players. You
can earn XP by scoring a goal or “assisting” another team member. You can earn up
to 120 xp if you score a goal, but only 60 if you are assisting a teammate. In
addition, each round has a different multiplier for the exp you gain. The match
length varies from five to thirty turns, depending on the game mode you’re playing.


One of the new features in ShellShock Live is the ability to customize your maps.
You can now change the way your map looks by creating custom maps with
different color themes. This feature is also new for the multiplayer game. With the
right mod, you can change the way the map looks to suit your preferences. If you
don’t like the default maps, you can make your own by creating a scenario. You can
even change the map’s name in the game’s settings.
The map is a 2D field where you can fight. Depending on the weapons you use, it
can be destroyed. For example, you can use an earthquake to level the map. This
will level terrain and remove digger holes, but will not damage the map itself. The
more levels you complete, the more maps you can unlock. The worst maps are the
ones with mountain goats. There are more than 50 different maps to unlock, and you
can also purchase extra content, such as new levels.

Artillery weapons

Online multiplayer strategy game, ShellShock Live, has recently released version
1.0, featuring tons of new features. This new version features 10 bonus single-player
missions, seven new artillery weapons, and a brand-new game mode called Vortex.
The game also has a new Scenario Editor and includes eight-player online
multiplayer with full in-game chat support and clan support for group play. You can
play solo or against friends, in a cooperative mode or against the AI.
The multiplayer component of ShellShock Live allows up to eight players to play
together in team battles, and includes eight player free-for-alls. Players can also
purchase upgrades to their shots and tanks, and there are 80 levels to choose from.
You can watch the trailer for the game below, or read the full rundown on Steam.
The game is very tactical, featuring different tanks, weapons, maps, and play styles.

Release date

While the exact release date for ShellShock Live has not yet been revealed, it will
likely be sometime in 2013. The game is an online multiplayer artillery strategy. It
was originally a Flash game, but has been remade for Steam and modern game
consoles. The emphasis is on leveling up, upgrading tanks, and unlocking new items.
Players can participate in turn-based teams or free-for-all skirmishes. The game is
sure to appeal to fans of games like Pocket Tanks.
A recent update to ShellShock Live has brought new features and content to the
game. Among these features are 10 new bonus single-player missions, seven new
weapons, and a brand-new game mode called Vortex. The game also has a Scenario
Editor, and a number of other goodies for celebrating its 1.0 milestone. It’s also
expected to have an Xbox One and Windows 10 release date.