Soul Knight Wiki

The Soul Knight Wiki is a community-led encyclopedia of the game. Founded by
Minecraftguide1, this wiki has information on all aspects of the game, from the
basics of playing to how to level up. Recently, it was updated to version 4.2.3 and
4.2.0. You can also download the game for iOS and Android devices to access the
wiki. You can also find a complete list of patchnotes on this wiki.


The characters in Soul Knight have an abundance of diversity and you might have
wondered what you should do if you’re stuck in the same character rut. To answer
this question, you should look to the Soul Knight Wiki. The following article will
provide you with some helpful tips. The characters in Soul Knight can also be viewed
as tiers in the game. It will help you advance in the game by guiding you to the best
Each Soul Knight Wiki character has their own unique skill, which is used to perform
actions. Each skill has a cooldown. The cooldown is indicated by the lightning bolt
slowly filling up with white. A green ring will be shown around the player while the
skill is active. When the ring is dark, the skill is not available, but it is ready when it’s
light. Each skill is crucial to a character’s gameplay.


While the main focus of this game is to explore the world and collect gold, the
weapons in Soul Knight also feature a unique twist. The banner weapon, the Gatling
Gun, is based on the archetype of a rotary cannon in real life. While the Forge Table
shotgun has a higher firing speed than most machine guns, it is still a shotgun. The
range of these weapons is incredibly versatile, making them useful in many different
In addition to their unique attacks, weapons in Soul Knight can also be used to
increase your damage output. The following list of weapons in Soul Knight is sorted
by rarity: the rarest, cheapest, and most powerful. There are also weapons that can
only be used for melee attacks. If you’re confused about which weapons to choose,
here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right weapon for the situation.


There are many questions that players of Soul Knight have about pets. Some players
may wonder how pets can be beneficial to their characters. You can use a pet buff to
make them more effective in combat. Other players may ask whether pets can drop
weapons. To answer these questions, read the Soul Knight Wiki. Pets can pick up
weapons, but not drop the weapon itself. You must swap to a different weapon when
you drop a weapon.
Among these pets are the Cat and the Dog. The Cat and the Dog have different
purposes. They can attack enemies and deal collision damage. They can even block
enemies from approaching you. A nameless pet is very useful when fighting hordes
of monsters and defending your village. However, some pets will only be useful if
you can find them in the same area. There is even a dog that can attack your


A hidden hit cassette can be used to play soundtracks from hidden bosses. The
hidden hit cassette allows the player to choose between three different boss themes
that play at the same rhythm. This is the first time a cassette has looked like a CD.
However, it is still not widely available. However, you can order it online from the
official website. It is available in both Android and iOS versions. The full list of
patchnotes can be found on the Soul Knight Wiki.